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Deep-rooted history.
Unmatched experience.

Based in New York City and with a global reach, Cohen Clair is frequently called upon to advise or represent clients in other states and countries. We are able to do so because of our top-rated attorneys, unsurpassed track record and impeccable reputation—a reputation built on a half century and more of unparalleled results.

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We resolve the largest, most complex cases in family law—by settlement if possible, by trial if not.

Our sophisticated attorneys are well-versed in handling billion and multi-billion dollar estates, including related trust matters and charitable foundation issues. The firm is routinely retained to handle exceptionally complicated, sensitive and high profile divorce actions and has successfully tried some of the largest divorce cases in the U.S., including the largest equitable distribution case in New York State. We are often brought in to bring resolution to cases that were initially handled by other law firms. Our reputation as successful trial lawyers allows us to reach fair settlements outside of the courthouse, and by a huge margin, we settle many more cases than we try. We are proponents of various forms of alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration. But if a case needs to be tried, we can and will bring the matter to resolution before the appropriate tribunal.

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We are a full-service family law firm with a sophisticated knowledge of mental health issues.

We represent individuals in a wide range of circumstances, including pre- and post-nuptial agreements; paternity disputes, including issues stemming from reproductive technology and surrogacy; cohabitation agreements and divorces; matters involving “#MeToo” claims brought by or against individuals; and matters arising between same sex couples, whether married or not. Our practice is not limited to “fighting over money.” We regularly represent parents and, at times, grandparents and others with standing, in custody disputes. We make diligent attempts to resolve all issues, particularly custody issues, outside the courtroom.

But there are times, often marked by the presence of unmanaged mental health issues or substance abuse in a parent, for which litigation is the only way to bring about an expeditious and humane resolution. We are well versed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and some of the more prevalent conditions—including narcissistic personality disorder, borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder—that can create difficult parenting situations when ignored or not properly managed. We often work closely with mental health professionals, both treating practitioners and experts in the field.

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We achieve results with discretion.

We believe we are at our best when we successfully resolve matters without any publicity. While we appreciate and are proud of the public accolades we receive, we draw a distinction between being acknowledged as a “top notch” law firm and having our clients’ most sensitive, personal matters broadcast for all to see. Clients come to us because we take their privacy rights seriously. We are, however, well equipped to manage situations that attract media attention. We have developed close contacts with key public relations and crisis management professionals, as well as journalists, and often work hand-in-hand with our clients’ teams to proactively manage media issues.

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Cohen Clair family law attorneys are among the top in the field.

Our firm has continued to grow and thrive because of the high quality of our professionals, many of whom have graduated from prestigious law schools, clerked for federal and state judges, including in dedicated matrimonial parts, and were trained at elite law firms. Many of our lawyers are acknowledged as leaders in the fields of law we practice.

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