Our attorneys are among the most highly-regarded in the field.


Review of the biographies on this website confirms that our members are among the best and most prominent in the field.  They include attorneys whose recognized expertise has often been acknowledged in Best Lawyers in America, Whos Who in the United States, Who's Who in America, Whos Who in American Law and Whos Who in the World, who are authors, lecturers, and adjunct professors, and who have been appointed by Mayors and Governors to screening committees to assist in selection of judges in our State on a merit basis.

Our clients include high net worth individuals from the worlds of business, finance, the professions, government and entertainment.  Their problems involve sophisticated financial, valuation and tax issues in all areas of family law, including divorce, child custody and visitation, geographic relocation, spousal and child support, negotiation of prenuptial, postnuptial and separation agreements, same sex partner cohabitation and dissolution agreements, adoptions (including step-parent and second parent adoptions), grandparent visitation, and paternity matters.

Our attorneys have been and remain on the cutting edge of their field, frequently making new law in the area of domestic relations.  We are called upon to litigate when matters are incapable of settlement or when issues arise for which there is no precedent.  At our firm, we are result oriented, in the very best sense of these words.  We are dedicated to achieving each client’s objectives and we understand that every case is unique.  We encourage creative approaches, yet we remain solidly grounded in substantive law and statutory authority.  And we have the professional judgment and experience to efficiently guide clients through the complexities of out-of-court negotiated settlements, as well as through the thicket of the judicial process that can all too often be confusing and anxiety provoking to the litigants.  Whether our attorneys are analyzing complex financial matters or contentious custodial issues, devising strategies to move a case expeditiously to a favorable resolution by negotiation of a global settlement agreement or preparation of the case and the client for a full blown trial, our firm strives to deliver legal and professional services that make a difference. 

Divorce Proceedings

Marital partnership services

We handle issues incident to the dissolution of the marital partnership, including valuation and distribution of all types of closely held and family businesses, professional licenses, degrees and practices, trusts and partnerships.  We counsel our clients to explore reasonable settlement options, but when settlement cannot be reached, we develop a creative and effective litigation and trial strategy to enhance our client’s ability to achieve favorable results.

Child Custody

Custody and visitation services

Our attorneys bring to the practice of Family Law intense sensitivity to issues between separating and divorcing parents and their children.  We consider the entire family dynamic, parental fitness, and the developmental needs of children, while striving to promote the best interests of the children.  We represent mothers, fathers, same sex partners, and grandparents in disputes involving custody, visitation, and geographic location.

Separation Agreements

prenuptial & Postnuptial

We negotiate and draft prenuptial, postnuptial, and separation agreements to ensure the preservation of our clients pre-marital property, and to avoid future disputes concerning the division of marital property.  Our clients request these agreements to avoid misunderstandings between spouses and their families if a marriage dissolves.

Adoption & Paternity

various Child services

We handle adoptions, including step-parent and gay and lesbian second parent adoptions.  We also handle proceedings involving paternity and related child support and child custody issues.  We have successfully negotiated agreements in this area in lieu of litigation.